Universal Anti-Theft Devices by Secure-Ur-PC

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Some business owners are still under the impression that enough has been done to protect their business computer systems. With guards, palisade fencing and armed reaction units, being favored amongst most companies, many of said companies have received a rude awakening.

We, at SECURE – UR – PC, are proud to announce our high quality, affordable range of Universal Anti-Theft Devices, suitable for all brands of computer equipment available on the South African, as well as international, markets today.

Our various product designs were inspired by many weeks of research. Exactly what was needed, in the market, to curb the theft of the computers proved to be quite a daunting task. After 2 years of planning, designing trail and error, our first product was released in the market in 2000, with huge success. All our patented products have been designed around the various needs of our clients. Every model has been fashioned in such a way, that the accessibility of the computer is not infringed upon by the authorized user, but makes life as difficult as possible for the would be criminal. Only with extreme difficulty can our products be removed without the proper equipment or correct keys. All our products are available in a Commercial & Industrial form, once again, various clients various needs.

SECURE-UR-PC offers a totally unique service to the industry, which, as mentioned, is our Tailor-Made service. This allows us to tailor a security solution for each company individually, should the need arise. If, in the very unlikely event, the situation unfolds, where a product is not readily available off our shelves, we will design and manufacture one to suite your unique needs.

Our Products include:

  • Floor Mount
  • Desktop Mount
  • Laptop Mount
  • Case Lock
  • Mouse Trap
  • Combo Unit
  • Server Mount
  • Screen Mount
  • Cable Mount
  • Laptop Bracket
  • Tailor Made products such as:
    1. iPad Mount
    2. DVD Mount
    3. Router Mount
    4. UPS Mount
    5. TV & Server Mount – Wall Mount
adminMUniversal Anti-Theft Devices by Secure-Ur-PC

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