Computer thieves target car dealerships in Strijdom Park

Thieves smashed the glass window with a brick in the second robbery at the Hyundai dealership in Strijdom Park. Photo supplied.

A new crime trend is emerging where car dealerships are targeted in the north of Johannesburg by having their PC desktops stolen.

The Hyundai dealership in Strijdom Park was broken into twice in one month in the evenings. The first robbery was on 10 February where they stole eight PC desktops and a cellphone, followed by a second robbery two weeks later on 27 February where they stole six PC desktops.

“People are speculating that the PCs are stolen to be smuggled across the border,” said the Hyundai Strijdom Park new cars manager, Sean Longley. He said that the hard drives in the desktops are worth about R500 on the black market, or that suspects could use the information of the customers to commit fraud.

Other dealerships in Strijdom Park, Bryanston and Weltervreden Park have also reported that their PC desktops were stolen as well.

Randburg Police Station spokesperson Constable Stanley Bopape, confirmed that a case was opened by the Hyundai dealership in Strijdom Park, “The fingerprints collected on the scene were positive and the case is still being investigated.” Const Bopape also said that the police are not sure if competition from other dealerships could be the cause. The police are also still uncertain why car dealerships are being targeted.

Deon Du PlessisComputer thieves target car dealerships in Strijdom Park
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