Company Profile

SECURE-UR-PC is a company that believes we can make a difference. Since our inception in 1999, we have had tremendous success with our range of products, but believe even more can be done!

SECURE-UR-PC prides itself in being totally unique. Here are a few reasons why we are placed a cut above the rest:

  • S.A.B.SStandards South Africa
  • We are currently the only IT hardware security company in S.A whose products have been tested by the SABS.
    • We are at present the only IT hardware security company, in S.A, who covers all major city centers, in all provinces, and are still expanding.
    • A highly motivated and specialized team will take care of the entire installation process.
  • It Should Be After Hours
    • All installations are done at your convenience, i.e., should an after hour installation be required, we will be more than happy to accommodate you. This is done in order to prevent any unnecessary disruptions to critical equipment such as servers.
  • 24 – 72 Hrs
    • Our installation crews can reach any destination in S.A within 24-72 hrs from date of order.
    • All products carry a lifetime warrantee on all manufacturing defects, NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
    • Only SECURE-UR-PC provides the unique service whereupon, in the very unlikely event where none of our products, suites our client’s specific needs, we will design and manufacture a product to the clients specifications and requirements. In short, if we do not have a product which suites your needs, we will produce one!
    • With many of our current corporate clients being subjected to stringent branding and image policies, SECURE-UR-PC’s products have been welcomed by various Brand Managers, as an astatically pleasing solution to their individual corporate image requirements. Thus, due to the totally unique and discreet design of our products, neither the office nor the computer’s appearance is spoilt in any way.
    • All products supplied, are a once off investment, no further costs are involved no upgrading costs are necessary.
    • All our products are totally universal and interchangeable. This ensures, that whenever any computers are upgraded, the already installed products, are removed from the old computer equipment, and simply reinstalled on the new equipment, thus eliminating any unnecessary product replacement costs.